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JOCCA Corporate Social Responsibility Days

JOCCA Corporate Social Responsibility Days

Posted by JOCCA | 12 November, 2015 | Colaborations, JOCCA brand, Latest News

JOCCA’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility links some days in which the company faces new challenges and strategies for 2016, a scenario where sustainability and fair work will be key.

The central offices of JOCCA in Zaragoza for a few days have become a nerve center dedicated to analyzing and discussing the strategies of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of the company for the next exercises.

In the context of an extraordinary Seminar, the members of the CSR board of the company with its director at the head: David Duce, Quality Director of JOCCA, accompanied by the rest directors of strategic areas of the company – Belén Buil, Cristina Gimeno and Pablo Reneses – analyzed the changes and international trends in the area of CSR, also appreciating the significant progress made by JOCCA in recent months to consolidate its commitments to society in different areas, from certified quality and sustainability of its products, with special emphasis on absolute respect for decent work conditions, and unconditional support of the company to groups at risk of social exclusion.

As a result of this meeting, the company has developed a complete road map for the coming years, consolidating the crucial relevance of CSR within the globalized performance of the company. In the words of the JOCCA Quality Director, David Duce, who assumes the direction of the JOCCA CSR Council: “CSR is not a practice of NGOs, foundations or associations, it is something that we have to keep in mind at all times, although not directly, it will always help the growth and consolidation of the company. Creating values that are recognized and appreciated by our customers and competitors. “

CSR board

In this sense, aiming to celebrate three decades of uninterrupted activity in the national and international market, the company faces 2016 investing decisively in sustainability and decent work conditions. Without going any further, for example, JOCCA is now in process with the FSC Association, to ensure that all the wood products that the company offers to the market, are obtained in a sustainable way.

At the same time, the company based in Zaragoza keeps alive the spirit of commitment that guided it from its first steps and continues choosing to participate actively in diverse initiatives that manifest their involvement with the consumer at different levels.

In fact, JOCCA was one of the pioneers in our country to join associations like BSCI, which guarantees that its products have been manufactured in decent working conditions.

Also, JOCCA is adhered to the ISO 9001 and 14001 quality certification, by which the company defends a rigorous policy of Quality and Environment, and establishes indicators to control all the environmental aspects that may affect it.

Likewise, in its extreme defense of the rights of consumers, JOCCA guarantees that its products meet the highest quality requirements. Due to this, the products of the company follow not only the usual controls required by the European directives, such as ROSH and REACH but, in addition to the company performs a double internal control to ensure everything that is released on the market, have the highest quality.

On the other hand, JOCCA renews its collaboration with the Federico Ozanam Foundation or the Women’s Care Line for another year, some of the associations with which JOCCA will continue working with the aim of helping those groups that are in social exclusion.

Following the success achieved by the CSR day of the company and the relevant agreements reached in it for the future, JOCCA faces the coming years with a firm will not only to keep its CSR policies in force but to play an increasingly crucial and active role in all matters related with commitments to society.

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